Australia's Ambassador affirms opportunities for future cooperation with CMC

On 8 November, a senior delegation of CMC Corporation (CMC) led by President Nguyen Trung Chinh had a work session with Australian Embassy Hanoi in order to promote joint activities and cooperation opportunities between CMC and Australian agencies and enterprises.

View of the meeting between the Australian Embassy and CMC

Representing the Australian Embassy to receive CMC delegation were Mr. Andrew Goledzinowski - Australia's Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Charles Thursby-Pelham - First Secretary, Mr. Aedan Puleston - Second Secretary, Ms. Cecilia Louise Brennan - Economic Counselor, as well as other leaders and attachés of the Australian Embassy.

On the side of CMC Corporation, there were Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh - Chairman of Board of Directors/Executive President of CMC, Mr. Ho Thanh Tung - CEO of the corporation, Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao - Executive Vice President/CEO of CMC Global, Mr. Ha The Phuong - CEO of CMC Cyber Security, Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy CEO of CMC Telecom and other senior leaders of the corporation.

To start the meeting, Ambassador Andrew Goledzinowski expressed his pleasure to welcome President Nguyen Trung Chinh and CMC delegation to visit the Australian Embassy. On the occasion, both parties also discussed critical cooperation opportunities in the fields of Digital Infrastructure, Technology & Solutions, International Business and Research & Education, which CMC has full potential and strength for.


Mr. Andrew Goledzinowski – Australia's Ambassador to Vietnam leads the reception of CMC delegation

The Ambassador highly appreciated CMC’s technology achievements over the last 30 years and emphasized the significance of promoting international cooperation for common development. He also talked about the potential for cooperation which stems from the combination of advantages of Vietnamese and Australian enterprises.  “Currently, Australia has risen to become the 7th largest trading partner of Vietnam. Besides, the two countries are also focusing on innovation, artificial intelligence, Internet optimization and satellite communication for the development of many industries. We greatly appreciate CMC's plan to invest in Australia and its confidence in our market. By promoting the strengths of each side, the cooperation between CMC and Australian enterprises can help build a better future", said Ambassador Andrew Goledzinowski.


Chairman of BOD/Executive President Nguyen Trung Chinh has a lot to share at the meeting at the Australian Embassy

Thus, the door for cooperation between CMC and Australian organizations and enterprises is very wide open. Both sides can leverage their strengths to explore new markets together by sharing information and experience to come up with effective strategies and reach out to new customers.

On the same page with Australia's Ambassador, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh - Chairman of Board of Directors/Executive President of CMC affirmed that the corporation possesses technology capacity, experience in cooperation and project deployment with private enterprises and governments in many countries around the world, as well as talents and technology experts with multi-disciplinary knowledge. "We have strong resources to scale up our cooperation for digital transformation and sustainable development in the field of ICT. Aiming to expand the market in Australia, we look forward to growing stronger with the help and support of the Ambassador as well as the Australian Embassy ", President Nguyen Trung Chinh emphasized.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh also wished that in the future, his corporation will continue to receive the attention and support from the Government, ministries and agencies of Australia in general and from the Ambassador in particular to promote even more effective cooperation between CMC and Australian entities. Through the discussion, both sides shared their vision and determination towards the IT revolution, specifically lessons learned in deploying solutions for digital transformation and telecommunication infrastructure in order to improve product quality and overcome technology challenges.

Mr. Ho Thanh Tung - CEO of CMC Corporation at the meeting

At the work session, Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy CEO of CMC Telecom gave an overview of CMC’s strengths in developing telecommunication infrastructure. Having been a focus in CMC Telecom's portfolio since 2018, CMC Cloud has maintained a compound growth rate of over 100% in 5 years, which in turn cementing its No.1 position in cloud computing in Vietnam. In May 2022, CMC Telecom put Tan Thuan Data Center (in Ho Chi Minh City) to operation. The DC covers an area of 10,000 m2 with 1,200 racks of large power capacity (up to 20kw/rack). Tan Thuan DC is considered to be the most modern and secure data center in Vietnam and the APAC region. Not stopping there, with the orientation of pioneering in the construction of "Make in Vietnam" cloud platform and cooperating with Cloud giants in the world, CMC Telecom has realized its ambition of becoming the number one company to provide multi-cloud solutions, helping thousands of businesses digitally transform and improve productivity. To date, CMC Telecom has had a Cloud system operation team of more than 300 employees who are strictly stratified and assigned to specific teams, such as: Cloud Team, Network Team, Security Team, etc. 100% of the Cloud Team's technicians and solution architects are trained and certified by AWS, Google or Microsoft. Mr. Dang Tung Son added: “We understand the complexity of managing a multi-cloud environment. Therefore, we pay special attention to and continuously develop high-quality and specialized human resources for each platform to support our clients".

CMC also looks forward to working with Australian enterprises to design and deliver solutions that meet specific ITO needs and requirements of customers. Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao - Executive Vice President of CMC/CEO of CMC Global said that CMC Global is ranked in the top 3 software outsourcing enterprises in Vietnam. The company is securing its position with services and solutions to help domestic and overseas customers with effective digital transformation.  In particular, after Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong - Director of GEU/GUS Business Department of CMC Global introduced its international standard software outsourcing and export services, Ms. Cecilia Louise Brennan - Economic Counselor and the Australian delegation unanimously pledged to support CMC in expanding cooperation and approaching enterprises with great demand in Australia. Many of CMC Global's services, which are trusted by more than 300 international clients, well meet the needs of the current Australian market, such as: solutions for large banks, retail and energy industries and Fintech sector to develop financial systems of the future; new technologies including RPA, IoT, Big Data, AI/ML for the aviation industry, etc. Considering the Asia-Pacific, including Australia, as one of its key markets, CMC Global aims to become a strategic partner to help Australia enterprises accelerate their digital transformation through the construction of software development centers run by young, highly-qualified and affordable human resources in Vietnam. Mr. Ho Thanh Tung - CEO of CMC Corporation said that CMC has set the goal to thrive on a global scale. "By 2025, CMC aims to have at least 7,000 IT talents, take its business to go global, generate million USD in revenue (50% of which come from digital transformation services) and become a leading digital service provider in APAC for comprehensive ERP consultation and deployment".

As a top IT firm in Vietnam, taking the lead in Information Security is everyday business for CMC. Mr. Ha The Phuong - CEO of CMC Cyber Security  (CMC CS) said: "A secure Internet environment is one of the key conditions for the digital economy to develop sustainably. Therefore, we are proud to be of assistance to domestic and international enterprises in building a strong and safe technology environment”. As the strategic member of CMC Corporation in the Information Security field with nearly 15 years of experience in the market, all services provided by CMC Cyber Security are of international standard. CMC Cyber Security is also the first member of the Anti-Virus Asia Researchers Association (AVAR) and is one of only two institutions in Vietnam to participate in the Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI). In addition, CMC Cyber Security's CMC Malware Detection and Defense solution (CMDD) is the only Vietnamese product to pass the test for Virus Bulletin 100 (VB100) certification with result of 100% for all inspection indicators. Meeting strict standards and satisfying inspections, CMDD is the only product deployed for Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam for many consecutive years.


Mr. Charles Thursby-Pelham - First Secretary in conversation with leadership of CMC

Appreciating the development scale, vision and orientation of CMC Corporation, Mr. Charles Thursby-Pelham - First Secretary of the Australian Embassy said that he believes the essential business areas that CMC is pursuing will contribute significantly to helping Vietnam achieve its economic goals. The First Secretary also affirmed that the Australian Embassy in Vietnam is willing to support CMC to promote its business activities in Australian market.

At the meeting, leaders in charge of different fields of the Australian Embassy also discussed with CMC delegation to clarify some contents of interest, especially those relating to innovation, research, education and development of advanced technologies, such as: AI, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, etc.


President Nguyen Trung Chinh presents flowers and takes a photo with Ambassador Andrew Goledzinowski

CMC senior delegation takes a photo with delegates of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam

At the end of the meeting, President Nguyen Trung Chinh appreciated the thoughtful and kind reception of the Australian Embassy; at the same time, he also thanked the Ambassador for taking the time to attend the meeting and learn more about CMC, which translates into many opportunities for in-depth and effective cooperation in the coming time.